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Rezidence Waltrovka

Waltrovka in Prague’s Jinonice, a former aviation engine factory covering an area of 169,000 sq. m, is being converted by Penta to a contemporary town quarter. The total investment is projected at more than EUR 200 million.
Architect Association of several studios
Scale 700 flats
Type Residential
Location Czech Republic - Prague 5
Status Completed
Website of the project

The original Waltrovka brownfield was fairly run-down, but had a large development potential thanks to its size and location. In several phases, Penta is converting it to a mixed development with residential, office, retail and recreational zones. The project includes four office buildings (Aviatica, Dynamica, Mechanica and Walter) and a large residential zone.

In the residential zone, Penta built more than 650 apartments and 50 exclusive houses in several phases. The interest among future home-owners is strong. Of the first phase, which includes 257 apartments and 34 houses, more than 90% of units have been sold. Subsequent phases, which will be completed by end of 2018, are also subject to similar interest, thanks to contemporary style living and a concept including a park, a central square and other recreational and sports zones. A wide range of retail outlets and services will also be available within the area, which has excellent access to both the city centre and the ring road or the airport.