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Office Hybernská has a winning architectural proposal

The competition for our down-town project, Office Hybernská took place as an invited, two-round architectural competition for Czech and Slovak participants.  The main goal was to complete the block of Masaryk railway station buildings with a strong historical context and bring new use to the historical, yet neglected building of the former post office.

After the jury's evaluation, out of a total of 7 architectural teams' proposals, unusually two 1st places were awarded to the proposals of both OV-A and Studio Klaska. "The jury recommended for implementation a proposal by Jakub Klaška, who was part of the Zaha Hadid Architects team for many years, participated in the Masaryčka building and knows the area intimately. Currently, he already works within his own studio, but it is clear that the winning proposal is very well connected to the existing development in vicinity of the site. The proposal truly caught the eye primarily with its design rendering, work with detail and sensitive connection of historical and new elements," says Pavel Streblov, business director of Penta Real Estate.