Creatingbetter spaces

About us

Penta Real Estate was formed by separating the real estate division from the company Penta Investments, whose origins date back to 1994. Penta Group entered the real estate sector in 2005 and since this time is has become a leader on the real estate market in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland alike.

Our goal is to construct buildings that contribute to the urban development of the location given. This is why we cooperate with the best professionals in the field, top architecs and engineers. Our experience combined with their creativity and focus are the guarantee of the highest qiality and investment value of our real estate portfolio.

Currently, its portfolio includes more than 30 projects in the commercial, residentation and retail sectors.The Company’s philosophy emphasizes strict focus on quality whilst Creating Better Spaces. Whether it will be the process of actual property development, choice of suppliers and partners, or the selection of fututre employees, Penta Real Estate aims to be the best. This is evidenced by projects such as Sky Park in Bratislava and the Masaryk Railway Station in Prague, which were developed in collaboration with the wold-famous architect Zaha Hadid. Our employees thus have the opportunity to collaborate on such projects and be involved in their creation directly with the founders of Penta who are actively managing the Company. At the same time, good decisions and outcomes guarantee employees a unique opportunity for career development. They are not limited by age or experience but solely by their own ambitions and ability to develop assigned projects. At the same time, the employee-oriented atmosphere and many corporate events also create a natural part of the Company’s DNA.

Our team

26 projects

completed and in progress

1.1 billion EUR

of asset value

1.2 million sq. m.

developed and in the pipeline

24 awards

in both commercial and residential projects

Our values

  1. P value_title_1


    We demonstrate
    professionalism at
    all levels

  2. R value_title_2


    We are reliable, take
    ownership, always go
    an extra mile

  3. I value_title_3


    We are honest,
    credible and

  4. C value_title_4


    We are flexible,
    open-minded, come up
    with improvements

  5. E value_title_5


    We are enthusiastic,


Exceptional architecture & design

At Penta Real Estate we work with the best international and local architects and designers. We are proud that our buildings have gained recognition from both professional and the general public. We have proudly received 24 awards across commercial and residential projects.

Our strategy

Each Penta project signifies a high standard and quality. We bring life to brownfields and the world-class architecture and top level of buildings developed to cities. All of this with a strong emphasis on the environment, which we perceive mainly as the space in which we all want to live, create and work with dignity.

We are flexible with regard to new investment opportunities. We focus on the Slovak, Czech and Polish markets. We concentrate on the segments of offices, apartments, retail and land preparation. We prefer the development of new projects, but we also invest in existing ones if they meet our investment criteria. We only enter into projects over which we have control and where we have a decisive say in their management.