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NEW WALTROVKA – up-date from the construction site

The continued construction of the subsequent phase of the Waltrovka district is gaining clear outlines. The individual office buildings (Legatica and Metalica), are currently in a stage, where creation of the monolithic structure of the above-ground parts of the buildings is underway. Within the Metalica building, further work on the installation of a ventilated facade system (installation of window coverings) has also begun. A mock-up of the facade was also successfully completed, on which all details and connections were specified down to the last detail. Inside the future modern office buildings, work has also begun on the installation of back-bone primary distribution systems.

As for the Zleep hotel building, which is also emerging in this part of the mixed-use zone, we are currently pouring concrete on the above-ground parts of the building, together with preparatory work for the implementation of window fillings. With regards to residential buildings, we are intensively working on the concrete super-structure, currently on the 1st floor. We continuously monitor the influence of the underground metro on the building structure for the best and appropriate design of vibro-insulation. We firmly believe, that we will finish the monoliths of all objects by the scheduled point at the end of this year.