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We have selected the winning design of the project in Bratislava - Nové Mesto

The Slovenian studio Bevk Perović arhitekti became the winner of the architectural-urban design competition for the area in the Bratislava - Nové Mesto district. The land with an area of almost 4.5 hectares, bordered by Vajnorská and Odborárska streets, which is intended for residential construction and amenities, was purchased in August last year. 

The architectural-urban competition was invite-only with participation from leading domestic as well as foreign architectural studios. The professional jury consisting of Ing arch. Ľubomír Závodný, Igor Marko MA Arch ARB, Prof. Ing Arch. Petr Pelčák and representatives of Penta Real Estate evaluated a total of six proposals. The winning proposal was from the Slovenian studio Bevk Perović arhitekti, which the jury appreciated especially for its final processing of the urban concept of the area, as finding the right urbanism was also the main goal of the competition. The final architecture will be known after the architectural study is completed. 

When evaluating the individual proposals, the professional jury, among other things, evaluated the creation and hierarchisation of public space, the diversity of landscape architecture, the material concept and sustainability of the design. Due to the size of the area being addressed, working with the urban concept was one of the most important evaluation criteria. It is also the first development in this location that can determine the future shape of the new urban district. Creating urban blocks and the overall distribution of masses are a strong foundation for the possible future development of this area. The project’s dominant feature is a linear park that connects public and semi-private spaces with front yards. 

The project will bring nearly 1,200 apartments and new spaces for civic facilities to Bratislava - Nové Mesto. The implementation will be planned in several stages, with the residential part considered as the first to be built. Currently, the project is in the stage of finalizing the architectural study and preparing the documentation for the EIA. Depending on the permitting processes, construction could start in 2026 and the project’s completion is planned within eight years of the start of construction. 


"In developing the proposal, we considered how to create an urban fabric in a former industrial area, achieving a certain density, while maintaining the quality of life people expect from living in the wider city centre. In reality, it's not the buildings, but the common spaces between them that give the new district its true character. By combining urban blocks, towers and slab buildings, various types of spaces are created, ranging from private, semi-public to public, creating a very rich and vibrant new city district," architects from Bevk Perović arhitekti describe their approach to the design. 


"Our goal is always to build projects that significantly contribute to the urban development of the given location. I am convinced that the institute of architectural competition is the best means of achieving this goal. That is why I am pleased that we have once again been able to organise another architectural competition with the participation of high-quality international studios. I see it as a responsible approach to starting the project in Nové Mesto and our efforts to transform another Bratislava brownfield into urban housing with quality public spaces. The potential of the area is significant, and it is essential to approach it that way from the beginning," says Juraj Nevolník, Managing Director of Penta Real Estate Slovensko. 


A one-round invited competition was announced in December 2022. Six studios presented their designs to an expert jury at the end of March, from which the jury determined one winning design. 

Participating studios: 

  • Baumschlager Eberle architekten 
  • Bevk Perović arhitekti 
  • ChartierDalix 
  • Superatelier