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Nuselský pivovar will have a children's playground... built according to the children's designs

Current pupils of Křesomyslova and Táborská elementary schools took part in an art competition for the design of a new children's playground which will be created within Nuselský pivovar. For every project, we rely on open cooperation with our neighbors, and it was no different in the case of our ongoing construction in Nusle.

We gave two elementary schools and their students the opportunity to provide an expert jury with several designs to choose from. It was not easy to choose the best proposals, but thanks to the expert opinion of the selection committee, which consisted of Penta Real Estate residential director David Musil and representatives of the Prague 4 town hall - Irena Michalcová, Patrik Opa and Filip Vácha, we managed to suceed. Pavlína Kučerová and František Prokop from ZŠ Křesomyslova and ZŠ Táborská also contributed to the jury decision, together with Hana Pleskačová from the architectural studio CHYBÍK + KRYŠTOF Architects. The evaluation took place in the beautiful premises of the Nusle town hall, where eight winners were selected from all the submitted proposals.

This competition was designed to allow children to apply their geometric and mathematical skills, all while demonstrating their artistic talent. All submitted works will provide us with valuable inspiration for the future implementation of the playground.