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Nemocnica Bory is gradually opening its departments

Bory Hospital was officially opened in March of this year, and since April, it has been opening its first specialized ambulatory care offices, the radiology department, and the radiation oncology workplace, making them available to patients. 

At present, the hospital offers healthcare services in various areas, including: 
•    36 doctor’s offices for ambulatory care, 
•    6 diagnostic workplaces covering 33 specializations, 
•    inpatient care in 15 specializations, 
•    day care department in 7 specializations, 
•    a sanatorium for 3 specializations. 

Bory Hospital plays an integral role in the expanding Bory district, alongside the Bory Mall shopping and entertainment center and the Bory kindergarten, collectively enhancing the local public amenities. 

For all essential information regarding the hospital's operation, please visit: