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ChargeUp conference taking place within the premises of Masaryčka

The Czech company ChargeUp is one of the largest suppliers of a comprehensive solutions for corporate, public as well as home charging consisting of top-notch stations and accessories, reliable ChargeUp CPO control software and related services. This is also why Penta Real Estate has chosen the company as a supplier of charging infrastructure in Masaryčka, where we provide 155 parking spaces in underground garages, of which 45 (almost a third), are equipped, or ready for the installation of a charging station. "The current share of electric cars on the market is in the single percentage, but we have to plan for the usage of our buildings in the horizon of upcoming decades. We have a chance to see the growing interest of clients and believe in the gradual development of electromobility, therefore we are ready for it," says Penta Real Estate Business Director Pavel Streblov.

Although the share of electric cars in the overall motor vehicle market is still marginal, in the new Penta Real Estate buildings we are installing charging infrastructure connections for apr. 30% of parking spaces. When it comes to top companies interested in premium office space, 90-100% of clients ask for parking spaces for electric cars during negotiations!