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Bory kindergarten was handed over to Lamač municipality

Symbolically, on Children's Day, Bory kindergarten was handed over to Lamač municipality, thus became the first ever public kindergarten in the city built by a private investor. The kindergarten will be operated by the Bratislava – Lamač government, which have obtained it for use at the symbolic rent of one euro. The gates will open at the beginning of new school year in September 2021.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place in 2019, and the building obtained the final inspection certification in early February 2021. Today it was handed over to the Bratislava-Lamač district government, which will be operating it. The kindergarten is located within the walking distance of Bory Bývanie project and it will have space to accommodate 70 children. A total of five classes will be housed inside. The building is furnished among other things with a fully-equipped kitchen, dining room and terrace. There is also outdoor space with playground equipment in front of each class room, along with two sandboxes.

“When developing our real estate projects, our goal is not only to deliver high quality projects with unique public spaces, but we also keep in mind the importance of the infrastructure in the locality and availability of services which will satisfy residents’ needs. Therefore, we have decided to build a public kindergarten which will be operated by Lamač municipality and will be accessible to residents of the emerging Bory district. Here at Penta Real Estate, we believe that socially responsible development is both the right decision and an investment that brings long-term returns.” mentioned Juraj Nevolník, managing director of Penta Real Estate Slovakia,

“We appreciate the approach Penta Real Estate has taken in their effort to develop the locality with regard to the necessary amenities and, as a city district we are doing everything to have the kindergarten opened by 1 September. I am glad for us to have managed together quite well in creating an example of a fair partnership between local government and a private investor that benefits the residents. I can already reveal that we are also preparing other projects in order for this part of Lamač to become fully-fledged.”  Lukáš Baňacký, Bratislava - Lamač local mayor.