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Announcement of the Real Estate Project of the Year and THE PRIME REAL ESTATE GALA awards

Last night was marked by the presentation of multiple awards within the competitive real estate sector in Czech Republic. Our colleagues from Penta Real Estate have participated in two events simultaneously.  The first of these was the 13th edition of the Real Estate Project of the Year competition, where we won several awards with our residential projects:

  • Nuselský Pivovar - Public Award 2023
  • Nová Waltrovka – Expert Jury Award and Absolute Winner of 2023

The second event of yesterday evening was the award ceremony , which took place at Žofín in Prague, where the results of THE PRIME REAL ESTATE GALA - the best real estate projects and companies of 2023 were announced. We are fortunate to have received two awards here:

  • The first of them was for Masaryčka - Best office development
  • The second award is for Penta Real Estate – as the Best developer of the year

Thank you all for your support!