Waltrovka Mechanica

Waltrovka in Prague Jinonice is a former aircraft engine production facility of more than 169,000 sq m, which Penta transformed into a contemporary urban development. The cost of the entire project was planned at more than EUR 200 million.

The site was derelict, but had a large development potential thanks to its location and size. Penta planned to build a mixed development there, containing office and residential buildings, as well as a recreational zone. The project includes three office facilities (Aviatica, Dynamica and Mechanica) and a large residential zone. 

Mechanica is a complex of three administrative buildings (together 33,500 sq. m. of office and retail space). Part of the complex is Walter, a listed building of the original factory, and two other buildings follow on from the original industrial architecture. Buildings Mechanica 2 and the historic Walter building have been awarded LEED Gold certification. Mechanica 1 is LEED Platinum certified.