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Waltrovka Aviatica

Waltrovka is located on the grounds of a former aircraft engine factory in Prague’s Jinonice neighbourhood. Penta is developing the 169,000 square meter project, into which it plans to invest more than EUR 200 million.

The original complex is for the most part demolished and has great development potential due to its size and nature. Penta plans over several phases to build a mixed office, residential and recreational development in Waltrovka. The project consists of three office areas (Aviatica, Dynamica and Mechanica) and a residential section (Residence).

The Aviatica office building (27,000 sq. m. of lease space), whose construction was commenced in 2013, was completely leased before completion in September 2015. The EUR 51 million development boasts exceptional organic architecture and great accessibility. It is next to the Jinonice Metro station and within easy reach of the Prague ring road and the airport. At the prestigious Central and Eastern European Real Estate Quality Awards competition, Aviatica was awarded the two main prizes - The Best Building and The Best Administrative Building of The Year 2015.

Architect Jakub Cigler Architekti
Scale 27 000 m2
Type Commercial
Location Czech Republic - Prague
Status Completed
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