Rezidence Waltrovka

Waltrovka in Prague’s Jinonice, is a former aviation engine factory covering an area of 169,000 sq. m, which was converted by Penta to a modern city district. A mixed development with residential, office, retail and recreational zones was built in several phases.

A total of 640 apartments and 54 family houses were built in three stages in the residential part of Waltrovka. The construction of the third and the final stage began in July 2018 and was completed in July 2020. It introduced a new residential concept – Townhouses; including family terraced houses or premium apartment complex.

This modern housing does not comprise solely of apartments and houses, but it also includes the overall concept of the area in which a brand new 2-hectare park was built, together with lots of greenery, central square, playgrounds, relaxation, and workout zones. A wide variety of shops and services was created at the location to ensure adequate civic amenities. Another great advantage is excellent transport accessibility to the city centre, to the city ring road and to the airport.