Nuselský pivovar

A new city district called Nusle Brewery is growing in the Nusle valley in the area between Bělehradská and Křesomyslová street near the Na Fidlovačce theatre, on the right bank of the Botič in the Prague 4 city district Nusle. It covers an area of almost 32 000 square meters in the middle of a lively part of the city, while being protected from the surrounding streets’ traffic. The architectural design of the entire project combines a careful restoration of historical buildings with a new age concept of residential design.

There is nothing better than the comfort of a real home. Apartment buildings in the new residential part of the Nusle Brewery offer a wide range of layouts and high standard designs. All apartments have either a balcony or loggia, terrace, or front garden. The development is complemented with a courtyard full of greenery and relaxation zones. The residential home you will be able to create here will certainly fulfil your idea of perfection.

The flats in all buildings A and B are now for sale. For more information please refer to project website.