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Financing Manager

Employer and place of work:

Digital Park II, Einsteinova 25 851 01  Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Job description:

Financial Manager negotiates, originates and completes main project financing arrangements of Penta Real Estate in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Cyprus and/ or other European countries. Serve as proxy for compliance activities in terms of holding debt.

The Financing Manager keeps communication with banks and real estate related debt operational management.


Main tasks:

  • Participation on defining debt financing policies, plans and procedures for Penta Real Estate;
    • Implementing the financing strategy and following respective financing plans as agreed with real estate CFO;
    • Negotiation of financing arrangements with financing banks as well as on Penta holding level;
  • Origination, structuring, negotiation up to the closing of single financings on project level;
  • Development of relationships with financing banks;
  • Compliance of whole holding debt service on a daily basis;




  • Master Degree in Finance or Corporate law;
  • Deep knowledge of all types and forms of banking and finance transactions (including corporate lending, acquisition and leveraged finance, real estate finance, project and structured finance and capital markets), ideally on both lender’s and borrower’s sides of syndicated and bilateral projects, leveraged acquisitions and general other financing transactions. This competence should cover mainly CEE market practice and banking law;
  • Knowledge over debt restructurings, security enforcement actions, dispute resolutions in financings, commercial law in CEE and basics of accounting principles;
  • Sound commercial judgment, strong intellect and the confidence to take the lead in negotiations and to manage both internal and external transaction participants;
  • Excellent persuasive and negotiation skills;
  • 5+ years’ experience in corporate and / or structured finance (at least mid-management position), and / or either senior RM in CEE branches of international banks;
  • Fluent English

We offer:


from 3500 EUR

Information for those interested in the currently occupied position:

Information for candidates interested in a current job vacancy

1.    Penta Real Estate, s.r.o., Company identification No.: 035 90 534, with registered office at Na Florenci 15, Praha (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) hereby informs candidates interested in a specific job vacancyin the Company or within the Penta group (hereinafter referred to as the "Candidate") that   a)        in relation to the selection procedure, the Company processes personal data usually presented in CVs and cover letters (i.e. especially name, date of birth, address and other contact data, information on employment, education, training and hobbies, required performance and benefits, data presented in the cover letter, etc.). In connection with the selection procedure, the Company does not process special categories of personal data in accordance with the Act 101/2000 Coll., on protection of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the "Data Protection Act") (e.g., birth certificate number). Therefore, candidates are requested to refrain from indicating such data. b)        all personal data that Candidates provide the Company with will be processed exclusively in relation to the staffing of the currently available specific job position (hereinafter referred to as the "selection procedure") for the Company or for another company within the Penta Group. Such another company is identified in the specification of the vacant position. In this respect, the granted personal data may be transferred to the country of residence of such a company within the European Union (in particular to the Slovak Republic, Germany and Poland). c)        Immediately after the end of the current selection process the personal data of an unsuccessful Candidate will be destroyed. The personal data of the successful Candidate shall be further processed in accordance with respective legislation. d)        The provision of personal data by the Candidate is voluntary. e)        The Company informs Candidates that they, as the persons concerned within the meaning of Data Protection Act, in particular within the meaning of sect. 21 of the Data Protection Act, are subject in particular the following rights pertaining to their respective personal data protection: i/    every person concerned, who has discovered or who is under the impression that the administrator or the processing entity is carrying out the processing of the person´s concerned personal data, which is in contradiction with the person´s concerned private and personal life protection and/or in contradiction with law, in particular if the data are inaccurate with respect to the purpose of the processing thereof, may request the respective explanation from the Company and may request the Company to rectify the situation concerned. In particular, by blocking, correcting, completing or disposal of the respective personal data. ii/   should the Company fail to comply with the request pursuant to para. i), then the person concerned may address the Office for Personal Data Protection or the person concerned may address the Office for Personal Data Protection directly regardless of para. i), iii/ the right to access the person´s concerned personal data provided to the Company and the correction thereof.     2.    As a Candidate, I hereby declare that I note the above information and declare that the personal data that I have filled in my job application and/or my CV and cover letter are correct and up to date. 

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