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Bory Bývanie

Bory Bývanie is situated between the Bratislava neighbourhoods of Lamač and Devínska Nová Ves, , where Penta Real Estate is planning a gradual construction of a new city district.

Bory Bývanie involves the development of residential units over several phases. When completed, it will provide affordable housing in modern architecture style buildings that offer a high proportion of green space and complete civic amenities.

The first phase saw the launch of Bory Bývanie 1 at the start of 2017, with 300 residential units for sale in several low-rise blocks. These were made available to their new owners in 2019.

Bory Bývanie 2 was designed by Vallo Sadovsky Architects, a well-known, reputable studio, to add 18 more four to six-storey residential units along with a 24,000 square-metre public park between buildings.

The first nine blocks are currently under construction, with 287 units offered for sale. They are scheduled to be occupied by their new owners sometime in 2021. Construction of the remaining nine blocks will start once all the necessary permits have been issued.

The third phase of Bory Bývanie, which is currently in the design phase, will be built close to the Bory Mall shopping centre. It will have 357 units for sale inside eight residential blocks and is also supposed to include a park with an area of 8,500 m2.

The new neighbourhood will include a kindergarten, to be administered by the District of Lamač when completed. The project also includes  New Generation Hospital - Bory, ready to admit patients from all over Slovakia seeking or requiring advanced medical intervention. Both planned and acute treatment at the highest European level will be provided there, all fully covered by public health insurance.

Scale 1 231 flats
Type Apartments
Location Slovak Republic - Bratislava
Status Bory Bývanie 1 - Under construction
Bory Bývanie 2 - Under construction
Bory Bývanie 3 - Undergoing preparation
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