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What do Bratislava and Brazil’s capital have in common?

In order to better understand why the zoning plan of Bratislava does not meet the modern requirements and why it is necessary to change it, we have to look at how it was created.

Architect and urban planner Le Corbusier came up with his vision of the perfect city in 1935. According to his study, „Radiant City“, the city should be divided into zones, which in principle define where people would live, work and where would be zones dedicated to leisure activities. However, such a division has led to the emergence of monofunctional zones of the cities with very little services and amenities.
Notable examples designed according to those principles include, Brasilia, many cities of the Former Eastern bloc, or even Bratislava.

In order for the city to correct the mistakes of the past, the zoning plan of Bratislava underwent several changes, goal of which was to bring as much of the missing amenities as possible. However, the changes were not balanced, which led to the opposite extreme: Lack of the apartments in the center, many flats on the periphery and residents dependent on car and public transport.

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