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Retro building law

It’s 1976. Popular Czechoslovak cartoon series Pat & Mat was aired on TV for the first time and an inconspicuous garage company Apple was founded. Same year, the new building law, based on which the construction is permitted and regulated until today, passed in Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

Communication has changed dramatically since the 70’s. Nowadays, communication online is norm, which however does not apply in case of our building law. The result? Construction permitting process is slow, burdened with bureaucracy  which causes many problems not only to real estate developers, but also to society as a whole. The „retro“ law complicates not only the construction of new apartments and office premises, but also the construction of public infrastructure projects like highways, schools or even hospitals.

What problems does obsolete building law causes and why is it important to change it?
Find out in our new video, or read the article here