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Penta Podcast: The biggest challenge on the construction of Next-Generation hospital? How to fit shopping mall, production hall and hotel into one building

The hospital is one of the most complicated civil buildings to construct, with the exception of the nuclear power plant. Making a decision to build a large terminal hospital for Nemocnice Svet zdravia was therefore a huge challenge. The Next-Generation Hospital Bory will be the first terminal hospital built in Slovakia after more than 20 years.

This time we talked about the project with Vladimír Kumičák, who works as Senior Project Manager at ProCare and belongs to a narrow group of people, who can say about themselves that they participated on the construction of two Slovak hospital – one in Bory and one in Michalovce.

In the podcast, you will learn, among other things, how the hospital project was created, what is a crash room, how many pieces of furniture will be in the hospital, why there will be only 8 elevators in the hospital, or why it would be ideal if the hospital has the shape of a sphere.

The new Bratislava Hospital will be accessible to all patients without distinction and the health care in it will be fully covered by public health insurance.

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