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Penta Podcast: Should young people buy an apartment as soon as possible?

In the next episode of Penta Podcast Nicole Nevolníková and Lenka Vargová talked with Peter Čižmár, who started to work in Penta Real Estate just right before he got his university degree. He won Smart Deal contest for students and now works as Business Development Consultant.

If you have been thinking – what does Business Development Consultant do, do not worry, Peter will explain everything. Business Development Department at Penta Real Estate manages our real estate projects since the very beginning – from buying a land, through writing a financial memo and managing sales process to apartment handover process.

You will also find out, how hard it can be to find an owner of a vacant land you aim to buy, what is financial memo or what is the current situation on Bratislava residential market like and what should young people think over when considering buying their first apartment.

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