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PENTA PODCAST | It began in Košice and continues all the way to the Danube River

Did you know that from the time the building land is purchased, it can take up to 7 years to get an occupancy certificate? 
During this time there are all hands on deck working on the project. The project management team of Penta Real Estate, led by Marcel Martišek, is no exception. Marcel started working at Penta 11 years ago during his university studies.

He worked on a number of projects, mainly focusing on the Nová Terasa project in Košice which was Penta's very first residential project. 

In the latest episode of Penta Podcast, we talked with Marcel about the differences in the construction process in Bratislava and in Košice, we discussed how the building permit process works and why it requires so much time and energy. 

Apart from these topics, you will also learn something more about our upcoming projects in Bratislava's district of Dúbravka and our recently purchased land on the southern bank of the Danube River. 

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